Cost Saving Tips For Cheap Graphic Design and Copying

by Matt on June 28, 2009


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Posters, Flyers, CD / DVD copying design and packaging, logos, wordpress blogs, wevsite design, all kinds of services that are kinds of cheap – right here in Auckland, New Zealand.


We also offer great video marketing and small business marketing services.

Kurb Promotion offers complete graphic design and layout services at very reasonable costs. With “state of the art” design stations our graphic professionals will layout and design retail ready product for you in very little time. We can take care of your needs from art direction to typesetting to scanning of photos.

SAVE MONEY!!! by doing one or all of the following:
Gather all your artwork (photos, pen & ink drawings, logos, etc…) and bring them with you to your scheduled appointment. Or package them carefully to send to us. We can then scan, adjust and manipulate these little gems to get exactly what you want. Photos do not necessarily need to be the right size, just keep in mind that enlarging more than 200% can start to degrade the photo clarity. Beware, polaroids do not scan well at all. Digital photos are fine but they need to be originally shot at high resolution in order to transfer to print clearly. Also, bring in extra items for design ideas. We suggest favorite papers or clothing or material to be used for textures and backgrounds.

Make sure we know how to get a hold of you. To get your job completed quickly, we’ll need answers quickly if questions arise. So give us all your numbers and e-mails and keep in touch with us.

Create a mock version of what your product will look like. Cut, tape, paste or fold pieces of paper together to give us an idea of where each item will be placed (you do not have to size everything perfectly). If you have specific colors in mind that you want to use with your artwork, bring in samples of those colors. If you want the green and blue from a Gatorade bottle, than bring in that bottle.

The least expensive way to proof is via PDF files over the internet. You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files on your computer. These files are usually quite large. If you don’t have a high speed internet connection, consider going to a friends or to a library to view your PDF proofs. For slightly more money, you can proof by hard copy. Be sure to notify us as soon as possible when approving a job. Our manufacturing day is over at noon! So call before noon to save a day.

Remember you are responsible for proofing! We can not be responsible for typographical errors. Look on all proofs for missing artwork, full bleeds past the cut lines, missing lines of text, text flow and type changes (very rarely but it can happen). Please don’t assume we’ll catch ANY of these problems.

Artwork simply takes the most time when preparing to manufacture product. Call us to discuss the pros and cons of doing your own art layout. We may be able to save you a lot of money by having you do most of the design and getting us to do the actual computer layout and final touches. Decide on what size printing you want before you send your work in (2pp or 4pp or 8gp booklets, 11 x17 or 18×24 posters etc..)
Speed up the entire layout process: submit your text on a computer disc with a hard copy (laser print) from your printer, typed in a simple format; ie. no tabs, paragraph indents, etc. Simply hit return at the end of each line you want separated. Most basic word processing software (either Mac or PC based) will do just fine! Type out your songlist and times in the program order indicated on the master. Then add your lyrics with song titles (in order) followed by your thank you^(1)s. You should also designate which text for the traycard, cover, back, on disc etc… We can then manipulate the text very easily in our computers, so don^(1)t worry too much about format as much as content. Save your file on a 3 1/2^(1) diskette in as many formats as your program will allow, especially in “Text Only” format. If you have e-mail, we recommend e-mailing your text to us.

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